Master Class and Recital sign ups are now available!

Master Classes and Recitals are coming up! Please sign up for BOTH as soon as possible by clicking on the links below.

Master Classes: occurring the week of November 26th for both locations.
All South location master classes will take place at the South location studios.
All Westlake location piano, voice, violin, viola and cello master classes will take place at the West Lake studios.
All guitar master classes will take place at Westlake United Methodist Church, 1460 Redbud Trl.


Saturday, 12/1 – Clavier-Werke Fall recitals for all guitar and voice students from both locations at Westlake United Methodist Church.
2:00pm Guitar both locations
3:15pm Guitar both locations
5:00pm Voice both locations, rehearsal starts at 4:30

Saturday, 12/8 – Clavier-Werke Fall recitals for all violin, viola, and cello students from both locations at Shepherd of the Hills Lutheran Church.
10:30am South location violin, viola, cello (Justin, Rachel)
11:30am South location violin, viola, cello (Justin, Rachel, Karli)
12:30pm West Lake location violin, viola, cello (Sean, Sophie, Karli)
1:30pm West Lake location violin, viola, cello (Sean, Daniel)

Saturday or Sunday, 12/8 or 12/9 – Clavier-Werke Fall recitals for all piano students from the South location at Shepherd of the Hills Lutheran Church.
Saturday, all ages recitals at 3pm, 4pm and 5pm
Sunday, all ages recitals at 2pm, 3pm, 4pm and 5pm

Saturday, 12/15 – Clavier-Werke Fall piano recitals at the Westlake High School Performing Arts Center.
Grade PreK-4th at 1:30 and 2:30pm (students of Russell Reed, Andres Vargas)
All Ages at 3:30, 4:30 and 5:30pm (students of Russell Reed, Andres Vargas)

Sunday, 12/16 – Clavier-Werke Fall piano recitals at the Westlake High School Performing Arts Center.
Grade PreK-4th at 1:30 (students of Susan Allen, Jim James, Sohee Kwon, Jacque Lawrence)
All Ages at 2:30  (students of Susan Allen, Jim James, Sohee Kwon, Jacque Lawrence)
All Ages 3:30 and 4:30pm  (students of Susan Allen, Jim James, Jacque Lawrence)

Talk to your teacher if you have any questions about these events. Also, our upcoming Fall Festival the weekend of 11/17-18 is a great way to get in extra performance time for your recital piece. Dominik Wachtel will be our guest adjudicator. Click here for more information on Mr. Wachtel and let your teacher know if you are interested in participating.

Early childhood classes, now available Monday thru Saturday!

TMC-Logo smallClavier-Werke’s early childhood classes are about to start up again!! The Music Pups (TM) program offered by The Music Class is for ages infant through 4 so it’s perfect for little ones and siblings to take together! We are proud to be the only music school in Austin offering this fun and engaging program. Classes will be available at both our Westlake and our Circle C locations. The class will start the week of 9/3 but free trial classes will begin the week of 8/27. Click on this link for more information about the classes, pre-register here for a free trial or feel free to give us a call at (512) 328-5777. We also have a new video for viewing available hereFor full session registration and fee payment click here!

Two upcoming student recitals!

Two of Clavier-Werke’s advanced piano students will be performing solo recitals at Steinway Piano Gallery, in the month of July. James Mohn, student of Russell Reed, will perform works by Schubert, Bach and Liszt on Saturday, July 7th at 3pm. Another student of Dr. Reed’s, Joseph Asfouri, will perform works by Beethoven, Scarlatti, Rameau and Schubert-Liszt on Saturday, July 14th at 3pm. Steinway Piano Gallery is located at 12980 N. Hwy. 183 in Austin, 78750. This free event is open to families and people of all ages. We hope you can join us!

Master Class Sign Ups are now available! =D

Spring Recitals are coming up! Please follow this link to sign up for a master class time now. Recital times are assigned by teacher studio (see below.) We are using two different venues and two different weekends for some recitals so please also take note of the exact location, day and time of your recital.

MASTER CLASSES - All south location piano, guitar, voice, violin, viola and cello Master Classes take place the week of April 23rd. All West Lake location Master Classes take place the week of April 30th.  Please make note of the location, day and time of your Master Class… Most classes take place at the CW Studios but West Lake location guitar, violin, viola and cello classes take place at Westlake United Methodist Church.

RECITALS - Recitals will occur at either the Westlake United Methodist Church (WUMC), 1460 Redbud Trail, or the Shepherd of the Hills Church (SOTH), 3525 Bee Cave Road.

Jon Carbin / Daniel Kopp / Karli Leal’s West Lake students / Sean Riley / Sophie Verhaeghe: Saturday, May 5th, WUMC, 10:00am (arrive at 9:45am for tuning)
Rachel Garner / Karli Leal’s South students: Saturday, May 5th, WUMC, 11:30am (arrive at 11:15am for tuning)
Justin Scheibel: Saturday, May 5th, WUMC, 1:00pm (arrive at 12:45am for tuning)
Felicia Kim: Saturday, May 5th, WUMC, 2:30pm, all ages
Leslie Chu: Saturday, May 5th, SOTH, 1:30pm, all ages
Sami Froncek: Saturday, May 5th, SOTH, 3:00 or 4:00pm, to be assigned by Ms. Froncek
Jeffrey Fratus / Scott Simon: Sunday, May 6th, WUMC, 1:30pm (arrive at 1:15pm for tuning)
Jon Chaney: Sunday, May 6th, WUMC, 3:00pm (arrive at 2:45pm for tuning)
Bridget Perez / Kimberly Sandoval: Sunday, May 6th, WUMC, 5:15pm (vocal warmups start at 4:30pm)
Sarah Bellows: Sunday, May 6th, SOTH, 2:00pm, all ages
Maleesa Brenchley: Sunday, May 6th, SOTH, 3:30pm, all ages
Jacque Lawrence: Saturday, May 19th, SOTH, 12:00 noon, all ages
Simone Ducloux: Saturday, May 19th, SOTH, 1:30pm, all ages
Jim James: Saturday, May 19th, SOTH, 3:00pm, all ages
Russell Reed (PreK-5th): Saturday, May 19th, SOTH, 4:30pm
Russell Reed (6th and up): Saturday, May 19th, SOTH, 6:00pm
Andres Vargas (PreK-4th): Sunday, May 20th, SOTH, 2:00pm
Andres Vargas (5th and up): Sunday, May 20th, SOTH, 3:00pm
Susan Allen: Sunday, May 20th, SOTH, 4:30pm

Sign up for a test week time now!

It’s already time to sign up for the Clavier-Werke Theory and Musicianship Test Week!

PIANO STUDENTS: The week of January 22nd is the Clavier-Werke Theory Test and Musicianship Week at our studios for piano students. Piano students will sign up for a test time that will occur instead of their private lesson and theory lab.

ALL OTHER THEORY LAB STUDENTS: The only guitar, voice, violin and cello students who will need to sign up for a time are those enrolled in the theory lab. These students will still have a private lesson at their regular time in addition to the testing, also the week of January 22nd.

Click here to sign up for a time!

Students have been preparing all year for these exams. Some students will go on to take the official Whitlock Theory Test at Concordia University on Saturday, February 3rd. If you are unclear about whether or not you should sign up for a time, please consult your teacher. Thank you!