Clavier-Werke School of Music Statement of Policies

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Parents and Students: Lesson attendance is necessary and expected. Please read the following policy details carefully. 

--Students are allowed up to and no more than two makeup lessons per semester. It is the parent/student responsibility to contact the teacher to arrange a makeup lesson. These two make ups will be offered for absences due to illness and required academic conflicts only.

--No-show lessons will not be considered eligible for a make up. Lessons missed due to academic conflicts require 48 hours notice to be eligible for a make up but please give more notice if possible. For lessons missed due to illness notice must be given as soon as possible and before the start of the lesson to be eligible for a make up. Please do not bring your child if they are ill.

--Makeup lessons must be scheduled at the teacher’s convenience and within sixty days.

--Missed makeup lessons cannot be rescheduled.

--If the teacher misses the lesson, the option to reschedule will be offered to you as soon as possible and within sixty days.

Notice of cancellation is necessary in order for teachers to use the missed lesson time productively. Teachers are juggling extremely tight schedules so as much notice as possible is appreciated and alleviates the stress of rescheduling.

Registration / Materials

A nonrefundable Registration / Materials fee will be charged annually. The fee is due upon enrollment and covers books, sheet music, binders, other student and teacher supplies and all administrative fees (accounting, scheduling communications, studio upkeep, annual enrollment registration.) For more information click here. Registration fees do not cover instruments. Students are expected to bring their assignment binder and music to every lesson.


Your monthly tuition is based on 42 weeks of lessons and the lesson length you have chosen. Payment is due in advance and must be made monthly by the 1st of the month. You will receive a tuition statement with each billing cycle. We accept online bank payments, check payments and cash only. Checks are payable to Clavier-Werke. A late fee of $25.00 will be applied to overdue accounts.


Regular, consistent practice is essential to your child’s progress. Students will sign a contract agreeing to practice the designated amount for their age. Recording practice time and getting your signature is part of the Clavier-Werke contract. This helps our students develop the habit of practicing responsibly. Students are awarded a trophy at the end of the year if they fulfill all the conditions of the contract. We find our students respond positively to this incentive based process.


No lessons will be scheduled during Thanksgiving, Christmas, Spring Break, Easter Sunday or Memorial Day. A complete calendar for the year is available on the website and will include tentative dates listed for Master Classes and recitals.

Summer Study

We recommend that students take as many lessons as possible during the summer. Our younger students who drop out during the summer tend to lose around fifty percent of their reading skills which then take valuable lesson time to recover in the fall. And because teachers prefer to use summer lessons to choose and get started on new repertoire for older students, summer lessons mean much more progress and efficient practice in the fall months.

In order to hold your child's place in your teacher's studio, we expect you to take a minimum of six lessons during the summer. Discounts will be offered for any additional lessons beyond the required six lessons. Please note that preschoolers and students who take more than one instrument at Clavier-Werke are only required to take four summer lessons (per instrument.)

If you decide to drop out for the summer you must give us written notice by June 1st and your place in your teacher's studio will be in jeopardy. Teachers are not required to hold your place throughout the summer and may choose to take new students in order to keep a full schedule.

Summer tuition will be assessed in June and July and your tuition payments for the following school year are made in advance and are due beginning in August.

Parent-Teacher Communication

Please let us know immediately of any problems you are experiencing. Our goal is to create accomplished, confident musicians. We encourage open and direct communication with your teacher and suggest the most efficient way to do this is by email. Email addresses are listed on your assignment sheets. Your teacher will make every effort to contact you within 24 hours. If you have questions or concerns regarding studio policies or basic teaching philosophies, please contact the Director Susan Allen at We can better serve you if we know your concerns.

Termination of Lessons

If you wish to discontinue lessons, a written notice must be given 30 days prior to termination. Full payment through the final 30 days is required. Students are expected to attend the lessons during the 30 day termination period. The teacher, parent, and student should then make every effort to create a positive and respectful ending to the music experience.