Clavier-Werke offers a variety of programs and classes to fit the needs of each and every student.

Adult Lessons

Adults are welcome to try private lessons in any instrument we offer. It is never too late to learn! We also offer the Music Parents Plan designed specifically for parents of Clavier-Werke students.

Private Lessons

The foundation of our program is the weekly or bi-weekly private lesson. Lesson length starts at as little as 30 minutes per week and goes up to 60 minutes twice per week.

Theory Lab

Boost your child’s progress significantly by enrolling in theory lab. The most basic music fundamentals are taught every week throughout the year. Fundamentals like note, interval and key signature recognition; activities teaching rhythm values and patterns; sightreading and ear training will help your child learn and memorize their pieces more quickly. Recognizing the key signature of a piece helps the student understand how the melody is constructed and how the chords support the melody. Reviewing, drilling and memorizing these very important concepts on a weekly basis throughout the year under the supervision of a teacher will not only motivate your child to practice more because they have more tools to work with but because these skills are initially difficult to grasp. The first two years of a beginner’s studies will be much easier with assistance from the lab teacher. Scheduling is easy and convenient. The thirty minute lab lesson is budget friendly, only one-third the cost of the private lesson. Help your child as they begin their musical studies by signing them up for lab!

Supplemental Lessons

Clavier-Werke offers a variety of classes that may be taken in conjunction with the private lesson. We will be happy to explain these classes in more detail to you as well as advise you about which ones are best for your child. All supplemental courses are subject to availability.


Recitals are held in late fall and near the end of the school year. We are proud of our hard-working and dedicated students and want to celebrate their progress at the end of each semester, fall and spring. We encourage all our students to participate. Recitals are usually held on Saturday and or Sunday. Dates and times are subject to recital venue availability. There is a recital fee for each participating student.

Recital preparation parents should assist in preparing students for recitals. Regular rehearsal at home prior to the performance is important. Students should rehearse these steps several times before the recital:

a. Walk slowly to the piano
b. Adjust the bench
c. Sit and place your hands in your lap.
d. Think about your music. Take plenty of time.
e. Begin your piece. Just keep playing even if you have a memory slip – don’t stop. If you do stop, try to start right where you left off in the music – don’t go back to the beginning.
f. Finish your piece. Place your hands back in your lap. Then stand, walk a few steps out from your seat and bow. Simply bow from the waist, arms by your side. Do not curtsy.
g. Return slowly to your seat.

Recital attire
Review this section for appropriate recital dress. This is the most important event of the year. We expect our students to dress in a manner that reflects this importance. No jeans, t-shirts, shorts, short skirts, or athletic apparel of any kind. Do you have good recital shoes? Remember, no tennis shoes, platforms, flip-flops, or sandals. If you don’t have appropriate shoes, you will need to get some before the recital. Be sure to break them in so they are not uncomfortable or distracting. IMPORTANT: practice playing your instrument in your recital clothes! This can feel a little different and take some getting used to.

On the day of the recital
Make sure you know your recital time and location. Performers should  Arrive at least 15-20 minutes early to find their seat and warm up. All students are expected to stay for the entire recital. Please contact your teacher if there is a last-minute emergency so that adjustments can be made to the recital program.

We are fortunate to be able to use area churches for our recitals. We ask all recital attendees and family members to help us show our gratitude by following these rules: do not bring food or drink into the sanctuary. Please enter only the sanctuary and surrounding waiting area. Do not leave children unattended at any time.

Thank you for your support and helping us make our recitals a positive and exciting experience!

Theory and Musicianship

A broader understanding of theory and mastery of musicianship are fundamental to growing musicians. Each year, Clavier-Werke hosts a series of examinations to assess students’ progress in these areas including sight reading, ear training, theory and basic instrument skills. All Clavier-Werke students are encouraged to participate. Trophies are awarded as students progress through designated levels. In most cases these groups will take the place of the regular private lesson for the week.

What we offer

Private and group instruction in the following areas:


The piano staff, headed up by Director Susan Allen is committed to making piano lessons fun and meaningful. We want to develop strong reading skills that last a lifetime. We encourage our students to play expressively and with proper technique. Students are featured in local recitals and festivals throughout the year.


We encourage each student’s intuitive ability to learn music by ear, including vocal exercises, singing, and performance. Students learn the fundamentals of a classical vocal training and then apply it to popular music. Learning music that inspires each individual is key; we ask students to bring in inspiration – CDs or tapes of songs they want to sing. Older students are encouraged to sightread.


We offer guitar lessons and classes for students of all levels. Styles include Classical, Pop, Jazz, Rock, Blues, Country and Bluegrass. Our creative and progressive program emphasizes musicianship, theory, ear training, authenticity and passion in playing. We invite you to join us.

Strings: Violin, Viola and Cello

Clavier-Werke also includes cello, viola and violin instruction in our program. Our staff’s string instructors are Jon Carbin (cello), Rachel Garner (cello), Karli Leal (violin and viola), Justin Schieibel (violin) and Sean Riley (violin). Visit our Teachers section for more information on these gifted instructors.